Artificially Engineered Materials and Structures Laboratory (AEMS Lab)
Principal investigator​
Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay
Postdoctoral researcher
1. Agyapal Singh, PhD (IIT Guwahati) [Project Engineer]
Area of research: Multi-functional composites
PhD Students
1. Prakhar Sinha, B.Tech (IIEST Shibpur)
Area of research: Mechanical metamaterials
2. Ravindra, M.Tech, (IIT Kharagpur)
Area of research: Multi-functional composites
3. Mohit Awasthi, M.Tech, (NIT Agartala)
Area of research: Multi-functional metamaterials
4. Ankit Chaurha, M.Tech, (IIT Delhi)
Area of research: Multi-functional metamaterials
5. Kumar Saumya, M.Tech, (NIT Silchar)
Area of research: Nanomaterials
M.Tech./MS Students
1. Ali Fahad Usmani (MS)
2. Prajwal P. (M.Tech.)
3. Neelesh Srivastava (M.Tech.)
4. Aditi Sharma (M.Tech.)
5. Shashank Tyagi (M.Tech.)
B.Tech. Students
1. Aryan Sinha
Visiting Students
1. Piyush Dhamane (B.Tech., IIT Kharagpur)
2. Diptiman Kundu (B.E., Jadavpur University)

Lab Alumni


B.Tech. Students
2. Anshuman Das
3. Saumya Singh
Visiting Students
1. Ritam Paul (B.Tech., IIEST Shibpur; Funded through SURGE)
2. Jigar Panchal (B.Tech., SOCET; Funded through SURGE)
3. Vivek Dwivedi (M.Tech. AKTU Lucknow; Funded through KIT)
Open Positions: Our research group is constantly looking for bright and motivated students for carrying out funded research in the broad fields mentioned below. Students from the background of Aerospace, Mechanical, Civil and Materials Science can find suitable opportunities in our research group. Please contact me directly for prospective opportunities in PhD (including direct PhD after having a Bachelor's degree), MTech, MS, Dual degree (BT-MT), BTech and research internships. Postdoctoral fellowships can be made available from the institute and other sources (such as research projects and application of external postdoctoral fellowships).