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Teaching activities

I am passionate about teaching the subjects in the broad area of mechanics, materials and structures. In particular, I am interested in teaching the following subjects: Solid Mechanics, Structural analysis (statics and dynamics), Computational mechanics, Vibration analysis, Mechanical behavior of materials, Theory of plates and shells, Mechanics of composites, Kinematic analysis, Stability analysis of structures, Finite element analysis, Uncertainty quantification and reliability analysis, Applied mathematics and statistics, Laboratories related to mechanics and structures.

I have taught the following subjects in recent years:

Aerospace structural analysis I (AE 670A)

Level: Master's and PhD students

1. Fall 2019, IIT Kanpur

Course Content: Free Body Diagram, Equilibrium Equations, Axial members, Truss, Bending moment and Shear Force, Theory of Elasticity, Plane stress and strain problems, Beam bending, Symmetrical and unsymmetrical sections, Temperature effects,  Non-homogeneous materials, Modulus weighted sectional properties, Thin walled sections, Torsion of circular and non-circular sections, Thin walled sections, Single and multiple closed cell sections, Shear in thin walled sections, Shear center and multiple cell sections, Combined bending and torsion, Buckling of columns.

Aerospace structural analysis II (AE 687A)

Level: Master's and PhD students

1. Spring 2020, IIT Kanpur

Course Content: Energy principles, Potential and complementary potential, Deflection analysis, Indeterminate structures, Analysis of plates, Kirchhoff and first order shear deformation plate theories, Buckling of plates, Buckling of stiffened plates, Local buckling of composite shapes, General loads on aircraft, Load factor, Vn diagram, Effect of gust loading.

Partial differential equations (MSO 203B)

Level: Bachelor's students (modular course)

1. Fall 2019, IIT Kanpur

Course Content: Introduction to PDE, Linear, non-linear (semi-linear quasilinear) examples, Order of a PDE, Strum-Liouville boundary values problems: Introduction, examples, orthogonal functions, Strum-Liouville expansion, Fourier series and its convergence, Fourier series of arbitrary period, Sine and Cosine series. Half-range expansion, Fourier integrals, Fourier-Legendre series, Fourier-Bessel series, First order (linear and semi-linear) PDEs, interpretation, method of characteristics, general solutions, First order quasi-linear PDEs, interpretation, method of characteristics, general solutions, Classification of 2nd order PDEs, Canonical form, hyperbolic equations, parabolic equations and elliptic equations, Wave equations, D'Alemberts formula, Duhamel's principle, Solutions for initial boundary value problem. Heat equations, Uniqueness and maximum principle, applications, Solutions for initial boundary value problem. Laplace and Poisson equations, uniqueness and maximum principle for Dirichlet problem, Boundary value problems in 2D (rectangular, polar), Boundary value problems in 3D (rectangular, cylindrical, spherical).

​I was associated with the following teaching activities before joining IIT Kanpur:

Structures (B9)

Level: Masters's students

1. Fall 2017, University of Oxford

2. Fall 2018, University of Oxford

Other courses

1. FRP strengthening of structures in the course of the mechanics of composites for master’s students of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee [2013]

2. Teaching assistantships (subjects related to solid mechanics and structures) at Swansea University [2014 - 2017] and Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee [2012 - 2013]

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