Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay
University of Oxford, United Kingdom                
Postdoctoral researcher

Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay

PhD Student
, College of Engineering
Swansea University, UK

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"Mechanics is the paradise of the mathematical sciences, because by means of it one comes to the fruits of mathematics.
- Leonardo da Vinci

I am interested in multi-scale and multi-physics analysis of physical systems with the epicenter set at mechanics.  My research aspiration lies in a broad area of science starting from static and dynamic response of structures to mechanical aspects of computational material science including cutting edge developments of nano-sciences and bio-inspired structural systems. The recent research focus of my group is on mechanical metamaterials and advanced composites. My expertise in the fields of sensitivity analysis, uncertainty quantification, reliability analysis, homogenization, optimization and surrogate modelling adds new dimensions to these research activities. I worked on an inverse problem in my masters thesis to develop a meta-model based structural damage identification algorithm. During that period I was also involved in concrete testing, wherein the effect of platen restraint on the constitutive model  of  concrete  was being investigated.
Please refer to this link for the key concepts/ideas about the major researches I have been undertaking:
My PhD research  is in the field of cellular structures,  where I am developing analytical approaches to deal with irregularity of cellular structures in a multi-scale framework. I have proposed a novel concept of random field based stochastic representative volume element (SRVE) approach to analyze spatially random systems. Over the course of time, I have developed a keen interest on system irregularities (random distribution of material properties, structural/ geometric randomness, damages etc.). Beside these I am actively involved in static and dynamic analysis of fiber reinforced composites including the effects of twist, rotation, delamination, impact and environmental factors. Recently I have started working in the area of computational material science based on nano-scale molecular dynamics simulations.
Being passionately interested in almost each and every aspect of mechanics, I enjoy development of fundamental analytical and computational algorithms in relevant fields as well as application oriented research in the interdisciplinary realm of Civil, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. I am always keen to explore novel ideas and strengthen the footing of my earlier researches. Please refer to my published works for more specific information and feel free to get in touch with me for further discussions.

Research Keywords:
Structural mechanics; Multi-scale analysis; Metamaterials; Deployable structures; Cellular structures; Fiber reinforced composites; Structural health monitoring; Nano-mechanics; Uncertainty quantification; Reliability analysis; Surrogate modelling; Optimization; Homogenization

"Curiouser and curiouser!"


Latest paper in Nanoscale probes the shear modulus of two-dimensional multiplanar nanostructures and heterostructures. Physics-based insightful results are presented for various classes of nanostructures and heterostructures. [Read full text

Our paper in International Journal of Engineering Science solves a decade-long aspiration for developing closed-form analytical solution of quasi-periodic lattices. A novel RUCE based concept is developed for this purpose. [Read full text]

This paper in Nature Scientific Reports develops mechanics-based analytical formulae for the in-plane elastic properties of nano-heterostructures. The analytical formulae are validated using molecular dynamics simulations. [Read full text

Our paper in Composite Structures develops a novel SRVE based semi-analytical framework for analyzing the effect of spatially-varying matrix cracking damage. The stochastic multi-scale dynamic behavior of a thin-walled composite beam is analyzed based on the proposed framework. [Read full text]

This paper in  International Journal of Mechanical Sciences presents a frequency domain homogenization approach for the effective mechanical behavior of visco-elastic lattice metamaterials with spatially random irregularity in structural geometry and the intrinsic material properties. [Read full text]

This paper in Composite Structures shows the effect of stochasticity in mechanical metamaterials. Randomly homogeneous and inhomogeneous form of stochasticity are considered  following an efficient analytical approach. [Read full text]

This paper in 2D Materials reports a first ever attempt to develop molecular mechanics based closed-form analytical derivation for the elastic moduli of multi-planar two-dimensional materials. We have proposed a new nano-structure based classification for such two-dimensional materials.  [Read full text]