Refereed Journal Publications

 *note: All papers are indexed in SCI/ SCI Expanded/ WoS


69. Gupta K. K., Mukhopadhyay T., Roy A., Roy L Dey S., Sparse machine learning assisted deep computational insights on the mechanical properties of graphene with intrinsic defects and doping, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, Elsevier Publication (Accepted) [Impact Factor: 3.44] (Corresponding author)                                                                               

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68. Trịnh M. C., Mukhopadhyay T., Semi-analytical atomic-level uncertainty quantification for the elastic properties of 2D materials, Materials Today Nano, Elsevier Publication (Accepted) [Impact Factor: 7.9] (Corresponding author)     

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67. Mukhopadhyay T, Naskar S., Gupta KK, Kumar R, Dey S, Adhikari S., Probing the stochastic dynamics of coronaviruses: Machine learning assisted deep computational insights with exploitable dimensions, Advanced Theory and Simulations, Wiley Publication (Accepted) [Impact Factor: 2.95] (Corresponding author)                                                                            

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66. Agarwal E., Pain A., Mukhopadhyay T., Metya S., Sarkar S., Efficient computational system reliability analysis of reinforced soil retaining structures under seismic conditions including the effect of simulated noise, Engineering with Computers, Springer Publication (Accepted) [Impact Factor: 3.94]     

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65. Adhikari S., Mukhopadhyay T., Liu X. (2021) Broadband dynamic elastic moduli of honeycomb lattice materials: A generalized analytical approach, Mechanics of Materials, 157 103796, Elsevier Publication [Impact Factor: 2.99] (Corresponding author)                                                                               

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64. Mukhopadhyay T., Naskar S., Chakraborty S., Karsh P. K., Choudhury R., Dey S. (2021) Stochastic oblique impact on composite laminates: A concise review and characterization of the essence of hybrid machine learning algorithms, Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering, 28 1731–1760, Springer Publication  [Impact Factor: 7.24] (Corresponding author)                                                                                                                                                            [Download Full Text]

63. Vaishali, Mukhopadhyay T., Kumar R. R., Dey S. (2021) Probing the multi-physical probabilistic dynamics of a novel functional class of hybrid composite shells, Composite Structures,  262 113294, Elsevier Publication [Impact Factor: 5.14] (Corresponding author)                                                            

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62. Roy A., Gupta K. K., Naskar S., Mukhopadhyay T.,  Dey S. (2021)  Compound influence of topological defects and heteroatomic inclusions on the mechanical properties of SWCNTsMaterials Today Communications, 26 102021, Elsevier Publication [Impact Factor: 2.68]                                                      [Download Full Text]

61. Singh A., Mukhopadhyay T., Adhikari S., Bhattacharya B. (2021) Voltage-dependent modulation of elastic moduli in lattice metamaterials: Emergence of a programmable state-transition capabilityInternational Journal of Solids and Structures, 208-209 31-48, Elsevier Publication [Impact Factor: 3.21] (Corresponding author)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           [Download Full Text]


60. Mukhopadhyay T., Naskar S., Adhikari S. (2020) Anisotropy tailoring in geometrically isotropic multi-material latticesExtreme Mechanics Letters, 40 100934, Elsevier Publication [Impact Factor: 4.81] (Corresponding author)                                                                                                                                      [Download Full Text]

59. Mukhopadhyay T., Mahata A., Naskar S., Adhikari S. (2020) Probing the effective Young's modulus of `magic angle' inspired multi-functional twisted nano-heterostructuresAdvanced Theory and Simulations, 3(10) 2000129, Willey Publication [Impact Factor: 2.95] (Corresponding author)                             [Download Full Text]

58. Trịnh M. C., Mukhopadhyay T., Kim S. E. (2020) A semi-analytical stochastic buckling quantification of porous functionally graded plates, Aerospace Science and Technology, 105 105928, Elsevier Publication [Impact Factor: 4.49]                                                                                                                            [Download Full Text]

57. Kalita K., Mukhopadhyay T., Dey P., Haldar S. (2020) Genetic programming assisted multi-scale optimization for multi-objective dynamic performance of laminated composites: The advantage of more elementary-level analyses, Neural Computing and Applications, 32 7969–7993, Springer Publication [Impact Factor: 4.66] (Corresponding author)                                                                                                                                                                                     [Download Full Text]

56. Wang H., Zhao D., Jin Y., Wang M., Mukhopadhyay T., You Z. (2020) Modulation of multi-directional auxeticity in hybrid origami metamaterials, Applied Materials Today, 20 100715, Elsevier Publication [Impact Factor: 8.10] ||All authors contributed equally||                                                                       [Download Full Text]

55. Gupta K. K., Mukhopadhyay T., Roy A., Dey S. (2020) Probing the compound effect of spatially varying intrinsic defects and doping on mechanical properties of hybrid graphene monolayers, Journal of Materials Science & Technology, 50 44 - 58, Elsevier Publication [Impact Factor: 6.16] (Corresponding author)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    [Download Full Text] 

54. Adhikari S., Mukhopadhyay T., Shaw A., Lavery N. P. (2020) Apparent negative values of Young's moduli of lattice materials under dynamic conditions, International Journal of Engineering Science, 150 103231, Elsevier Publication [Impact Factor: 9.05] (Corresponding author) ||First two authors contributed equally||                                                                                                                                                                                                                             [Download Full Text]  

53. Vaishali, Mukhopadhyay T., Karsh P. K., Basu B., Dey S. (2020) Machine learning based stochastic dynamic analysis of functionally graded shells, Composite Structures, 237 111870, Elsevier Publication  [Impact Factor: 5.14] (Corresponding author)                                                                              [Download Full Text]  

52. Chandra Y.,  Mukhopadhyay T., Adhikari S., Figiel F. (2020) Size-dependent dynamic characteristics of graphene based multi-layer nano hetero-structures, Nanotechnology, 31 145705, IOP Publishing [Impact Factor: 3.39] (Corresponding author)                                                                              [Download Full Text]   

51. Mukhopadhyay T., Ma J., Feng H., Hou D., Gattas J. M., Chen Y., You Z. (2020) Programmable stiffness and shape modulation in origami materials: Emergence of a distant actuation feature, Applied Materials Today, 19 100537, Elsevier Publication  [Impact Factor: 8.10]                                           [Download Full Text]   


50. Kumar R. R., Mukhopadhyay T., Naskar S., Pandey K. M., Dey S. (2019) Stochastic low-velocity impact analysis of sandwich plates including the effects of obliqueness and twist, Thin-Walled Structures, 145 106411, Elsevier Publication [Impact Factor: 4.03] (Corresponding author)                             [Download Full Text]   

49. Karsh P. K., Mukhopadhyay T., Chakraborty S., Naskar S., Dey S. (2019) A hybrid stochastic sensitivity analysis for low-frequency vibration and low-velocity impact of functionally graded plates, Composites Part B: Engineering, 176 107221, Elsevier Publication  [Impact Factor: 7.64] (Corresponding author)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      [Download Full Text]   

48. Mukhopadhyay T., Adhikari S., Alu A. (2019) Theoretical limits for negative elastic moduli in subacoustic lattice materials, Physical Review B, 99 094108, APS publication  [Impact Factor: 3.73] (Corresponding author)                                                                                                                                           [Download Full Text]   

47. Kumar R. R., Mukhopadhyay T., Pandey K. M., Dey S. (2019) Stochastic buckling analysis of sandwich plates: The importance of higher order modes, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 152 630-643, Elsevier Publication   [Impact Factor: 4.13] (Corresponding author)                                     [Download Full Text

46. Naskar S., Mukhopadhyay T., Sriramula S., (2019) Spatially varying fuzzy multi-scale uncertainty propagation in unidirectional fibre reinforced composites, Composite Structures, 209 940-967, Elsevier Publication [Impact Factor: 5.14] (Corresponding author)                                                                [Download Full Text]

45. Mukhopadhyay T., Adhikari S., Batou A. (2019) Frequency domain homogenization for the viscoelastic properties of spatially correlated quasi-periodic lattices, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 150 784 - 806, Elsevier Publication [Impact Factor: 4.13] (Corresponding author)                            [Download Full Text]

44. Dey S., Mukhopadhyay T., Naskar S., Dey T. K., Chalak H. D., Adhikari S. (2019) Probabilistic characterization for dynamics and stability of laminated soft core sandwich plates, Journal of Sandwich Structures & Materials, 21(1) 366 - 397, SAGE Publication  [Impact Factor: 5.62] (Corresponding author)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             [Download Full Text]

43. Mukhopadhyay T., Adhikari S., Alu A. (2019) Probing the frequency-dependent elastic moduli of lattice materials, Acta Materialia, 165 654-665, Elsevier Publication  [Impact Factor: 7.29] (Corresponding author)                                                                                                                                                   [Download Full Text]

42. Karsh P. K., Mukhopadhyay T., Dey S. (2019) Stochastic low-velocity impact on functionally graded plates: Probabilistic and non-probabilistic uncertainty quantification, Composites Part B: Engineering, 159 461- 480, Elsevier Publication  [Impact Factor: 7.64] (Corresponding author)            [Download Full Text]


41. Mukhopadhyay T. (2018) A multivariate adaptive regression splines based damage identification methodology for web core composite bridges including the effect of noise, Journal of Sandwich Structures & Materials, 20(7) 885–903, SAGE Publication  [Impact Factor: 5.62] (Corresponding author)

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40. Mahata A., Mukhopadhyay T. (2018) Probing the chirality-dependent elastic properties and crack propagation behavior of single and bilayer stanene, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 20 22768--22782, RSC Publication [Impact Factor: 3.57] (Corresponding author)                                                     [Download Full Text]

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38. Naskar S., Mukhopadhyay T., Sriramula S. (2018) Probabilistic micromechanical spatial variability quantification in laminated compositesComposites Part B: Engineering, 151 291-325,  Elsevier Publication  [Impact Factor: 7.64] (Corresponding author)                                                                                  [Download Full Text]

37. Bera A. K., Mukhopadhyay T., Mohan P. J.,  Dey T. K.  (2018) A multi-attribute decision making approach of mix design based on experimental soil characterization, Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering, 12(3) 361-371, Springer Publication  [Impact Factor: 1.68] (Corresponding author)          [Download Full Text]

36. Karsh P. K., Mukhopadhyay T., Dey S. (2018) Stochastic dynamic analysis of twisted functionally graded platesComposites Part B: Engineering, 147 259-278, Elsevier Publication [Impact Factor: 7.64] (Corresponding author)                                                                                                                                 [Download Full Text]

35. Maharshi K., Mukhopadhyay T., Roy B., Roy L., Dey  S. (2018) Stochastic dynamic behaviour of hydrodynamic journal bearings including the effect of surface roughnessInternational Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 142–143 370–383, Elsevier Publication [Impact Factor: 4.13] (Corresponding author) [Download Full Text]

34. Mukhopadhyay T., Mahata A., Adhikari S., Asle Zaeem M.  (2018) Probing the shear modulus of two-dimensional multiplanar nanostructures and heterostructuresNanoscale, 10 5280 – 5294, RSC Publication  [Impact Factor: 6.97] (Corresponding author)                                                                    [Download Full Text]

33. Karsh P. K., Mukhopadhyay T., Dey S. (2018) Spatial vulnerability analysis for the first ply failure strength of composite laminates including effect of delaminationComposite Structures, 184 554–567, Elsevier Publication   [Impact Factor: 5.14] (Corresponding author)                                                   [Download Full Text]

32. Dey S., Mukhopadhyay T., Sahu S. K., Adhikari S. (2018) Stochastic dynamic stability analysis of composite curved panels subjected to non-uniform partial edge loading, European Journal of Mechanics / A Solids, 67  108–122,  Elsevier Publication  [Impact Factor: 3.79] (Corresponding author)      [Download Full Text]


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30. Mukhopadhyay T., Adhikari S.  (2017) Effective in-plane elastic moduli of quasi-random spatially irregular hexagonal lattices, International Journal of Engineering Science, 119 142–179, Elsevier Publication [Impact Factor: 9.05] (Corresponding author) ||Ranked among the Top 10 most downloaded articles, October 2017||                                                                                                                                                                                                                        [Download Full Text]

29. Mukhopadhyay T., Chakraborty S., Dey S., Adhikari S., Chowdhury R.  (2017) A critical assessment of Kriging model variants for high-fidelity uncertainty quantification in dynamics of composite shellsArchives of Computational Methods in Engineering, 24(3) 495–518, Springer Publication  [Impact Factor: 7.24] (Corresponding author)                                                                                                                                                                                    [Download Full Text]

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27. Metya S.,  Mukhopadhyay T., Adhikari S., Bhattacharya G. (2017) System Reliability Analysis of Soil Slopes with General Slip Surfaces Using Multivariate Adaptive Regression SplinesComputers and Geotechnics, 87 212–228, Elsevier Publication [Impact Factor: 3.34]                                                           [Download Full Text]

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20. Dey S., Mukhopadhyay T., Sahu S. K., Adhikari S. (2016)  Effect of cutout on stochastic natural frequency of composite curved panelsComposites Part B: Engineering, 105, 188–202, Elsevier Publication  [Impact Factor: 7.64] (Corresponding author)                                                                                           [Download Full Text]

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14. Dey S., Naskar S.,  Mukhopadhyay T., Gohs U.,  Sriramula S.,  Adhikari S., Heinrich G.  (2016) Uncertain natural frequency analysis of composite plates including effect of noise – A polynomial neural network approach, Composite Structures, 143 130–142, Elsevier Publication [Impact Factor: 5.14] (Corresponding author)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  [Download Full Text]

13. Mukhopadhyay T., Adhikari S. (2016) Effective in-plane elastic properties of auxetic honeycombs with spatial irregularityMechanics of Materials, 95 204–222,  Elsevier Publication [Impact Factor: 2.96] (Corresponding author) ||This article ranked 2nd among the Top 25 most downloaded articles, May 2016||                                                                                                                                                                                                                             [Download Full Text]

12. Mukhopadhyay T., Naskar S., Dey S., Adhikari S. (2016) On quantifying the effect of noise in surrogate based stochastic free vibration analysis of laminated composite shallow shells, Composite Structures, 140  798–805, Elsevier Publication  [Impact Factor: 5.14] (Corresponding author)            [Download Full Text]

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